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About this Website: We are here to learn conversational English through Dialogues and Idioms! To learn informal English and to produce meaningful sentences, the ESL student must make typical comments in typical situations and must also master idioms. Among these are phrasal verbs, some slang and clichés, and even some proverbs. Presented here for study are 140 dialogues with 480 idioms. A book compilation on Kindle (and print) is optionally available here. These dialogues are presented in natural contexts of everyday conversation in informal English, and are perfect study material for most levels of English language learners (A1-C1).

ESL teachers and students will feel at home here. Both will find all the resources they need for speaking, listening, reading, and writing conversational English, and they are free of charge. Every Lesson consists of a Basic Pre-Intermediate Dialogue (A1-A2) followed by an Intermediate-Advanced Dialogue.

Program of study for each Main Lesson in Conversational English:

1.Read the Basic English Dialogue with the Audio. Study the Vocabulary with Idioms.
2.Read the Intermediate-Advanced English Dialogue with Audio.
Study the Vocabulary and Idioms.
3.Read the English Grammar notes.
4.Practice Using the Idioms and Vocabulary in Daily English Conversations.

The dialogues that are presented on this website focus on natural situations and almost always contain a couple of idioms. This is typical day-to-day English. Learning conversational English is your goal, and it takes time and practice. The material here is estimated to take a year or two to master.

The .mp3 Audio provided with each dialogue demonstrates how to pronounce the phrasing. Vocabulary with Idioms below the dialogue explains idioms, phrasal verbs and special vocabulary in context. English Grammar notes round out each lesson.

Practice the idioms and vocabulary daily to learn conversational English. As obvious as it sounds, there is nothing more effective than speaking aloud the phrasing given in all the dialogues here — do it every day without fail. This is the road to fluency!

For the bookish learner, as mentioned above, a book compilation is also available, so get it to help you master the conversations: 140 English Dialogues, 480 Idioms.

— Eric Harrington Woro

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